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Examinations of mother and child

The so called examinations of „mother and child “ help us to continuously observe the mental and physical development of your child. This helps us to identify deviations on time and take appropriate measures if necessary.

In the first year after birth it is highly recommended that you visit our office once every three months. After that, at least one examination per year is necessary.

For newborns we undertake an ultrasound of the hips, measure the body of your child and look at the development of sight and sense of hearing. You also can ask questions that regard social behavior and development of speech; we will suggest appropriate measures if necessary.

During the “mother and child” examinations we also look at whether all obligatory immunizations have been given. If still due, we can provide the immunizations in our centre.

Several additional immunizations for children exist, if necessary, we will provide you with information.


There is a number of vaccines that are highly recommended by the Health Council, these are given until the age of 15.

All children require immunizations, to protect your child from many of the most dangerous diseases of early childhood. They are a part of the everyday life and needed to ensure a healthy life style.

We can consult you about which immunizations your child needs still to get and provide these in our centre.

If any additional immunizations should be necessary, we will let you know and provide you with detailed information.


Additional Examinations

We provide as well additional examinations (free of charge for all holders of social insurance) such as ECG, lung function test as well as ultrasound examination.

All these examinations are painless.


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